5 Best Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks offer hours of fun and entertainment. Some rides push the limits and are exciting. Many of them have rides that are designed for movies and other top action items. These are the top five amusement parks in the world.

5. Cedar Point

This amusement park is located in Ohio. It had 17 different roller coasters and was built for people that need a rush of adrenaline. There are some classic rides such as the Ferris wheel, but it is the roller coasters that keep on bring people back to this park. They can go fast, upside down, and through tunnels.

4. Knoebels

This amusement park is located in Pennsylvania. This park has an old fashioned feel to it as well as a classic wooden roller coaster. A person can get in the park free since there is no charge for admission or parking. There are some rides including some great roller coasters. There are some food places as well as an area that was set aside for swimming. This is also one of the most affordable amusement parks in the country.

3. Walt Disney the Magic Kingdom

Magic does happen at this amusement park. It is said to be one the happiest places on Earth and is loved by both children and adults. Space Mountain is one of the best rides and will bring a person back to the time of their childhood. They can also meet the Disney characters and take some pictures with them. This amusement park is located in Lake Buena Vista in Florida.

2. Schlitterbahn Water Park

This water park is a lot of fun and offers a lot of excitement and amusement. This water park is located in the state of Texas and offers some relief from the heat. The amusement park covers 65 acres and has received the title of the best water park for over ten years. There are water coaster rides, beach scenes, surfing simulations, and many more attractions to keep a family busy all day.

1. Universal Island Adventure

This amusement park is something that dreams are made of. It is located in Orlando, Florida. The amusement park is said to remind people of the world of Harry Potter. There are rides with cool colors and some different features. It is the rides that keep people coming back to the park. There are some roller coasters, and there is something for everyone. This park uses the latest in technology to make 3D rides. This is something new, and a person can feel like they are right in the attraction. There are some wizarding drinks and special treats that only be found at this park as well.

These are some of the best amusement parks in the country. They offer fun for the entire family. There are roller coasters, water rides, and attractions, and some different things to keep the family busy all day. These amusement parks will help a family create last memories of fun.